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SHARE Wave 8 Mid-Term Meeting

Helsinki Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

From 1 to 3 April 2020, the SHARE Wave 8 Midterm Meeting will be held.

SHARE Wave 10 Kick-off Meeting


From 17 to 19 November 2021, a meeting will be held online to announce the 10th wave of the SHARE study. The future of the study in these challenging times will be discussed.

SHARE Wave 9 Mid-Term Meeting


From 30 to 31 April 2022, a meeting will be held online to discuss the current state of fieldwork in wave 9. Planned questionnaire changes in the next SHARE waves will also be presented.

SHARE Wave 10 Preparation Meeting

GLO Hotel Art Helsinki Lönnrotinkatu 29, Helsinki, Finland

After almost three years of delay, the long-awaited SHARE meeting in Helsinki, Finland will take place from September 14 to 16, 2022. The main topic of the meeting will be the preparation of the tenth wave of the SHARE study.

SHARE Wave 10 Pretest Meeting

Hotel Unirea Piața Unirii 5, Iasi, Romania

The SHARE meeting in Iasi, Romania will take place from May 3 to 5, 2023. The main topic of the meeting will be the pretest of the tenth wave of the SHARE study. Also, the representatives of the countries will be explained the tasks that need to be done so that the data from the conducted ninth wave of the study can be published.

SHARE-ERIC Council Meeting

VKU Forum Invalidenstraße 91, Berlin, Germany

SHARE-ERIC Council Meeting was held on June 5, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. The meeting was attended by associate professor Ph.D. Šime Smolić, head of the SHARE project in Croatia and Melita Čičak, director of the Directorate-General for Pension System. Many important topics related to the further functioning of the SHARE project were discussed at the meeting.

SHARE Wave 10 Post-Pretest Meeting

University of Economics in Bratislava Dolnozemská cesta 1, Bratislava, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

The SHARE meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia will take place from October 25 to 27, 2023. The main topic of the meeting will be an overview of the conducted pretest of the tenth wave of the SHARE study. Also, the future of the SHARE study, i.e. the implementation of future waves, will be discussed.

International conference – Demographic change in Europe

Nacionalna i sveučilišna knjižnica u Zagrebu Ul. Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, Zagreb, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Assoc. prof. Šime Smolić, Country Team Leader of the SHARE study in Croatia, will participate on December 11, 2023 in the international conference on demographic change in Croatia and Europe as a member of the panel "Empowering older generations and sustaining their welfare". The conference will bring together public policy makers, international scientists and experts in demography and the interested public. The conference is organized by the Representation of the European Commission in Croatia in cooperation with the Central State Office for Demography and Youth, and under the auspices of the Vice-President of the European Commission for Democracy and Demography, Mrs. Dubravka Šuica.

SHARE Wave 10 Post-Field Rehearsal Meeting

Sandy Beach Hotel Dhekelia Road, Pyla 7081, Larnaca, Cyprus

From May 15 to 17, 2024, the SHARE meeting will take place in Larnaca, Cyprus. There will be a discussion about the field rehearsal of wave 10. On the first day of the meeting, the emphasis will be on data checks during and after the fieldwork. The SHARE central will share their experiences, as well as certain countries that implement data checks (including Croatia). Over the next two days, an overview of where SHARE currently stands will be given, but plans for the future will also be presented.

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